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Soul Patrol @ Eat The Street
Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Cornbread, cole slaw and Black Eyed Peas. 

Soul Patrol @ Eat The Street

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Cornbread, cole slaw and Black Eyed Peas. 


Does anyone wanna go to Eat The Street?

It’s this Friday in Kakaako. If you’re not busy I think we should do a foodie meet up! That would be really fun. And we could split up into teams, tackle all the trucks we want and set up camp somewhere and chow. 

Text me! 8-oh-8-two-two-1-zero-9-seven-9


Ah-lang Korean Restaurant (Angry Korean Lady)

What can I say about Ah-lang that will not potentially scare you away from the comical wrath of Aunty Won Nam, Ms. “Angry Korean Lady?”

Well, first off, eating here is an experience and one that you must put at the top of your bucket list. Secondly, after eating here, you will forever submit to her “angry” ways to enjoy the BEST HOMESTYLE KOREAN FOOD across the board on Oahu. And lastly, she isn’t angry, she’s just expressive in a very upfront way.

But “experiencing” AKL doesn’t mean sitting back and relaxing while she whips up Korean culinary perfection. “Experiencing” means you follow her rules and DO WORK SON! 

What rules you ask? These rules: 

"I’m already angry. Don’t make me more angry." — Angry Korean Lady.

The drinks have only started and they’re “all shakas” already. Good times good times.

Well we was hungry as hell so we immediately wrote down:

2 Meat Jun—Very thinly sliced and pounded beef with an egg batter, fried in oil. I am not a fan of her version, but if you like your meat jun light, this is the one for you.

2 5pc Kalbi Ribs—The absolute BEST KALBI in Hawaii. The beef is so tender and the sizzling sauce is extremely tasty. Easily the priciest dish at $23 for 5 pieces. 

1 Vegetable Steamed Mandoo (picture from previous visit). Very nice mild taste. Goes excellently with the homegrown namul that she serves. 

1 Kim Chee Fried Rice Spicy #4 Very good flavor with a right amount of spicy. 

1 Specialty Fried Wings Spicy #4— One of the best items you can buy on the menu. These wings are so flavorful and spicy, they will knock your socks off.

and 1 Chive Jun—My absolute favorite at Ah-lang. This is something I’ve never had before eating here. I love chives and the pancake batter they use to create this stuff with. Wonderful aroma and nice green, healthy flavor. 

Wow. That’s we ordered a lot of food. And we pounded it good too. 

Ah-lang used to be a one woman operation, but times have changed and now she has some help from two servers who are, in contrast to AKL, quiet and pretty helpful.

Be prepared to spend some bucks here if you are by yourself or going as a couple. If you go in a group, the food gets eaten faster and the check pp isn’t so bad. For the 7 of us, our total was $112 + tip. We also slid Aunty some Bud Light when we gave her the order. Then when she gave us extra kim chee fried rice, she took swung two more over her shoulder. 

She deserved them though, slaving in the kitchen all damn day. And when Nicole gaver her a cigarette so she could have a break, she yelled back, “Fuck that! Look!” pointing at the orders she had lined up. Oh boy. 

Like I said, eating at AKL’s house is an experience beyond good tasting food. Stick to the rules, bring her Michelob Ultra, and help out here and there and you will easily make AKL a Happy Korean Lady, if there was such a person. 

Good Eats Subs ‘n Stuff

Today I ventured deep into Kaka‘ako after walking around the Capitol district. I heard there was a sandwich place that had just opened so I went searching. 

I found it with the help of some balloons…they usually do the trick. (As for where in Kaka‘ako, it’s across the street from Honolulu Fire Department HQ on South between Queen and Halekauwila)

It’s a small shop with a bar and some stools facing out and a few tables outside. Hole in the wall status.

There are two ways to go about ordering. First you can look what they have on special…pre-selected ‘wiches that are full of character and toppings as well as customizable. OR you can pick up one of those yellow flyers and check off boxes for a custom-made experience.

I went with the former, signing myself up for a Stevie P which consists of Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese, 1000 Island dressing, Greens and Onion on a Hoagie roll. Tag on a Clementine Izze for a nice meal in the shade. 

You also get to choose your bread but I stuck with the original hoagie…one of my favorites. 

After waiting a few minutes, out popped Stevie P. And what does my baby look like?

Deee-licious! Come to papa.

Close-up. Good Eats uses Boar’s Head meats and cheeses so I know the quality of the ingredients is pretty high. I also like the fact that the opt for Romaine Lettuce over Iceburg.

The Hoagie is expertly chewy, as it should and rounded the sandwich out well. I was impressed with the nice slathering of 1000 Island the girl put on BOTH sides of the bread. MMM brownie points for you my dear. 

Please pay Good Eats a visit! They just opened two Mondays ago so its pretty good to get it while its hot.

Although it may be a 15 minute walk from Fort Street, it’s nice to get out of downtown for a little while…Don’t be lazy! Explore!